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4 Waltzing Matilda

The Boss

The annual muster ends with the rounding up of half-wild cattle called  'scrubbers' that have roamed the back country for a year. They are being  held on a cattle camp outside the station while the 'cleanskins' born since  the last muster are drafted out for branding and the surplus male calves  castrated. Then a selection is cut out for the long drive to the sale yards  and abattoirs. The men are as skilled as their clever quarterhorses and the  boss pauses for a moment of quiet satisfaction as day nears its end. This painting was published as Plate 19 in The Painted Swagman - A Tribute to Waltzing Matilda.

Sheet Size : W 22 x H 20 inches Image Size: W 18 x H 15 inches  Price: AUD $99:95

Each reproduction of the Gauvin paintings has been made with care by prize-winning specialist printers under supervision of the artist. Printed on heavy, acid-free papers with a subtle linen texture, they come with a generous white border for framing. Each is limited to a total edition of 980 and is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. An Authentication Certificate is available for each print.


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