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'In essence, I'm painting the Story of my 'tribe' - the Europeans who came to Australia and built a nation. Being born at Winton in Western Queensland, centre stage of the 1890s uprising known as the Australian 'secret' civil war, has influenced the direction of my interest in the Story of Australia. All my work, in images and in writing, is based on that eventful  period.'
Dorothy Gauvin is an Australian artist acclaimed internationally for her original oil paintings on an epic theme of Australia's Heritage and Legends of the Outback. Her work features in the collections of Parliament House, Queensland, Cairns Regional Art Gallery, corporate and private collections around Australia, in the UK, the USA and Canada. She is a recognized authority on many Art subjects and since 2006, has been a Platinum Expert at Ezine
Currently, she's working on her second novel - set in the era of Plantation sugarcane farming in Tropical North Australia.
Her work has been featured in International, National, State and local newspapers - The Australian, The Courier-Mail and The Cairns Post – the Max Germaine 'Dictionary of Women Artists of Australia' and the journal 'Australian Artist.' She has appeared on local and national television, including the Ray Martin Show and the Australian national news via Los Angeles, USA.
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