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Homemakers Guide to Buying Art Prints

 Why is the Mona Lisa  considered the world's most valuable painting?

The original painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is beyond price. Yet, you can buy a copy of this famous portrait for a few dollars at the gallery shop in The Louvre Museum in Paris. What's going on? Is the art world trying to trick us all with jargon?  My free Guide will make it all clear. It's a mini-course in seven short emailed Sections.  You can print them out and take them with you next time you go looking for wall art.  

In straight forward language, you'll get the answers to these questions:
  • Is it better to own a painting rather than a print?
  • Why do some art-lovers collect only Prints?
  • What are the main ways of producing multiple images?
  • What is the quickest way to cut through the confusion?
  • How do you know you've bought a genuinely Limited Edition?
  • Is print-collecting a good investment?
  • What is the best way to care for your Art Print?

You need meaningful, fine quality art on the walls of your home or office, but  you don't want to spend a fortune on a painting you may not even like in ten years from now.

Why is it that the usual options don't work?

Like most other art-lovers, you've probably tried these options: buying paintings at an outdoor art show or bidding for low price canvases at a charity art auction. You might get lucky. There's always the hope of finding an unrecognized piece by some famous artist that's been overlooked by everyone else. Most often, that piece you bought only because its price was low and its size would fill an empty wall becomes an irritation every time you notice it.
Here's the problem with artwork on offer at such venues: it's the work of students who are still learning their craft or of amateur painters who may have more enthusiasm and community spirit than they have talent. In the cold light of the morning after that auction, such work will seldom satisfy the desire you started with: for an image that would reflect your good taste and lift your spirits whenever you gaze at it.  
A really useful  guide for people who want to hang affordable fine art on their walls must be written by someone who knows what what she's talking about. It needs to be written in commonsense terms that can be followed by anyone. As I've been a professional artist since 1975, and a gallery owner/director from 1985-2003, I'm sure I can offer you just that with the Guide to Buying Art Prints.    

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