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To all my clients who've been waiting and wishing me well over the years of recovery, I need to say -

Thank You!

Thank you for waiting and sending me encouragement as I waited for the nerve regrowth that has restored the use of my right hand. No words are adequate for expressing my joy at having got back to work at the easel. To be near completion of the last painting in this Series is the culmination of a dream held fast for 13 years.

Some special glazes remain to be laid on for several of the paintings and then, Monsoon weather and no power blackouts for the studio air-conditioner permitting, all of the final varnishes will be applied.

Please watch this space for further updates, images, press releases...

as I always think

The Best Is Yet to Come

21st March 2014

  • All the paintings for my new series are now finished and signed!

Only 6 await their special glazing panels. This is hanging fire until the Monsoon Season finishes its own cycle. During this frustrating wait, I'm fortunate to have my writing to keep me occupied and to satisfy the need to be creating. Even so, I now understand how the horses entered in The Melbourne Cup  must feel as they wait for the gates to open. It's all "Hurry up, hurry up....WAIT"

 15th April 2014

Cyclone 'Ita' has swept by without leaving any fatalities in the Tropical North. All of us who live in this paradisical part of Australia know the weather does as it must to keep the landscape and rainforest the way we love it. However, I'm glad to see the end of Monsoon this year.

  • Given a few more dry and sunny days, the final glazes can be laid on and not long after that the images of this new series will appear on the website.

17th June 2014

Following near-Drought during last winter-season, this year's 'Dry' has us feeling lucky if we get 1 day per week without rain. 4 of the paintings got varnished and 3  received their glazes during breaks in the weather. The water vapour turns the air opaque and white 'chiffon scarves' of cloud fill the valley below us and drape the mountain ranges both beyond our view of Trinity Harbour and the one on which we perch.

It's beautiful in the extreme but also maddening to an oil painter wanting to varnish pictures. In the meantime, I keep happy by working on a manuscript for my next novel.