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Privacy Policy and One Year Guarantee

 Dorothy Gauvin

Australian artist and author Dorothy Gauvin


Privacy Policy
I will never release your name, address, or any other details about you, to any third party or mailing list, in any circumstance.

One Year Guarantee

Because I feel so certain you'll be happy with the  Print
or Book  you've chosen, I'd like to extend to you my personal offer of a one year Guarantee on any purchase you make from my online gallery.

Let me spell it out: If for any reason whatsoever you are dissatisfied or disappointed with the product, you have a whole year in which to return it to me for a full refund of your purchase price. (Not including any shipping costs, of course.) All I ask is that you return the product in original condition and in the original or similar packaging.

No questions asked. That's it!

The reason I can be confident of making this offer is that, in my 34 year career, nobody has yet been unhappy purchasing from me. I hope you won't be the one to break that record! But if you have to, please be assured - I honour my promises.

Dorothy Gauvin

Please Note: this Guarantee does not apply to any original paintings purchased as re-sales through private negotiation between the buyer and previous owner.