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Are We Alone?

People have always looked out to the night sky longing for some sign or signal to answer that ancient question.

  • Yet the answer is all around us, right here on the planet. Leaping, loping and wriggling, purring and grunting or chirping, our fellow animals make us feel fully human – and comfort us for that knowledge.

Anyone who has lived with an animal companion has learned to recognise that intelligence is not limited to us humans. Personality is not unique to h.Sapiens Sapiens.  Respect and affection can be mutual between our species and another.

  • This is by way of explaining the new Category 'Wilflife' being introduced today in this blog. Some of its stories will be indulgent mementoes of various animals – domesticated and wild - who have shared our life beside the tropical rainforest.
  • Some will be opinion pieces that are bound to conflict with some of your opinions. Some will be pure observations from an interested 'layman' point of view. My hope is that you'll find them interesting – they may even inspire you to incorporate animal life into your own artwork, photography or crafts.©Dorothy Gauvin 

Please remember, your comments, opinions and thoughts about wildlife - on any level, in Australia or elsewhere - may be inspirational to any of us who are fascinated by our fellow life-forms.

In other words, let me know what you think! cheers, Dorothy

TODAY, read about Australian brush-turkeys in Tropical Rainforest

PS See photos of the acrobatic Australian wood swallows as they dart in the Monsoon mists.

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